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EN-NP Volunteer Management System



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You must do the Real Name Authorization before any other operations, this is to ensure the authenticity of the data and prevent malicious registrations; we will verify the authenticity of the information with our school, make sure all your data is real and effective.


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Click "Upload Volunteering Details" after login, fill in the information required. If you have image or other credentials, you can upload it after the form filling. MLES-SH will check the authenticity, if passed, the VMS System will automatically calculate your credits.


Developed by EnsonYan :

Volunteer Management System

The VMS developed independently by EnsonYan, open to all MapleLeavers, designed to simplify complex steps to apply for volunteering credits, specification the standard of Data-Auditing Management; the system is only open to Shanghai MapleLeaf Students for the time being.

The "EN-NP VMS System" has the CN Software Copyright Registration Certificate, Cert Number : 软著登字第4444533号, Recording Number : 2019SR1023776.


Front & Back End Engineering Framework Architect, the only developer of the VMS

Enson, Yan

MapleLeaf-SH Student, specialized in PHP, MySQL developing and framework design, Nginx Load-Balancing Configuring, developer of, keen on IT since childhood, self-studied programming in 2017, faced a lot of difficulties. In March, 2019, he spontaneously developed this "VMS" for MapleLeaf Schools.

System Status

Main Process - In Progress
Register Function - Disabled

7 x 24 Monitoring

Real time status

Server ID / 服务器编号 Executing Instance / 所承载实例 Status / 状态
SH-ALI-A 47.***.59 Global - Object Storage Service #1 N/A
SH-ALI-A 49.***.131 Global - Object Storage Service #2 N/A
SH-ALI-C 101.***.135 Global - MySQL Framework Service N/A
SH-ALI-A 47.***.196 VMS - FE Static & PHP Dynamic Sources N/A
SH-ALI-A 47.***.208 VMSV - FE Static & PHP Dynamic Sources N/A
ZJ-CLC 183.***.56 ZheJiang-CN High-Defence Server Groups #1 N/A
ZJ-CLC 59.***.66 ZheJiang-CN High-Defence Server Groups #2 N/A
HK-ALI-C 144.***.203 HongKong Emer. Backup Server N/A

System Summary

  • 13K

    Lines of codes

    Starting with the 8,827 Lines of code in the VMS Version #1, more and more new features and stability optimization to join.

  • 500

    + Hrs Developing

    From the first “<?php” to the daily maintenance after the system was completed, nobody knows the hardship behind the codes.

  • 6


    We use the medium scale Nginx reverse proxy Load-Balancing Instance, ensure the High SLA of the entire system framework.

  • 3

    Defence Stacks

    Alibaba CDN, Shanghai CloudDNS traffic filtering system and the original CentOS "FirewallD" service formed a solid defence.

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